Highest ac 5e monster

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It only takes a minute to sign up. This is a direct, somewhat silly, opposite question to What is the highest possible AC? The character, lets call him Colby, to accomplish this absurdly low AC is a character with rolled ability scores resulting in 3 Dexterity, 3 Charisma, and either 3 Wisdom or Constitution. If 3 Wisdom, Colby requires at least 1 level of Monk, and 3 Constitution requires at least 2 levels of Barbarian.

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Each of the artifacts have major detrimental properties the Book of Vile Darkness has 2. One option of which is:. These reductions need to affect Dexterity, Charisma, and whichever of Wisdom and Constitution is low. Draconic Majesty. While you are wearing no armor, you can add your Charisma bonus to your Armor Class.

The penalty worsens each time a target is subjected to this effect. The armor is destroyed if the penalty reduces its AC to The first step is to get hit by Eject Slime 4 times 3 times for Chain Shirt.

This reduces the armor class granted by the armor to 10but does not destroy it as that would require a 5th reduction from Juiblex:. Then you just need to get repeatedly punched by the Gray Ooze. After the first Pseudopod, the armor bonus is reduced to 9, which does not meet the clause:. Then you can repeat this procedure and the armor gets progressively higher penalties as long as you can continue to survive the attacks which the right character can survive forever.

Now, clearly this is nonsensical, as acid shouldn't be able to suddenly make your armor class lower than if you weren't wearing armor at all, but that's how the rules work together as written. Be playing the Rise of Tiamat adventure module, and acquire a Dragon Maskan item with the following property:. Be affected by a feeblemind spell, which drops your Charisma score to 1. Be affected by a slow spell, which gives a -2 penalty to AC.

PC is from a race does not synergize at all with his class. Dragon Mask: Draconic Majesty. Note the emphasis is to the word "bonus", not to the word "modifier". Thus, you can't get a penalty to AC from this item! But a cursed Dragon Mask that gives a penalty to AC instead of a bonus, that would be "stretching it a little bit topo much", though. PC doesn't increase any of his main stats, and, by purest bad luck, both of the major detrimental properties just happen to be:.

A greater restoration spell restores he ability to normal. Note that actually trying to get hit would be, at the very least, just as bad as being attacked while unconscious. And the final odds of bad luck required for that freak sequence of results to even be possible are now:. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. What is the lowest possible AC?

Ask Question. Asked 9 months ago.The goal of each adventure will bring you into opposition with these creatures, which will almost certainly result in a battle, as only the most role-playing focused of campaigns will eschew all forms of combat.

This is referred to as a challenge rating and it was introduced in the third edition of the game as a means of helping the dungeon master to create balanced combat encounters. These beings exist on a whole different level and aren't likely to be encountered except in very specific circumstances.

From the undead dragon that is a nightmare to destroy, to the squid that is afraid of falling over. The reason why dragons are so powerful is due to their high stats, absurdly high number of hit points, deadly breath weapon, and their ability to cast spells in the same manner as a powerful sorcerer. It's possible to make a dragon even more fearsome and powerful, all you need to do is turn it into an undead monstrosity.

Dracoliches are dragons that have undergone the same magical ritual that regular humanoids undertake when they want to become a lich. They remove their soul from their body and place it within a secure item, known as a phylactery, which will prevent them from being destroyed through conventional means.

It gains the immunities that come with being an undead creature, as well as having all of its original attacks and stats boosted.

Like regular liches: a dracolich cannot be truly destroyed unless its phylactery is taken to another dimension. This means that you will have a much harder time dealing with one of these creatures than you would have with a regular dragon. Goblins represent the perfect early challenge for a brand new adventuring party; they are physically weak and rely on group tactics in order to surround their enemy and take them down with numbers.

The party will have to quickly use some teamwork of their own in order to combine their unique abilities and overcome the superior numbers of their foes. This is due to the fact that their abilities are linked to psionics and enchantment magic.

A single mind flayer can quickly paralyze an entire adventuring party with a single psionic ability or spell, which will allow it to feast upon their brains at their leisure. The mind flayers all answer to a giant brain in a jar, which is referred to as an elder brain. The elder brain acts as the ruler of a mind flayer community and offers them protection from threats from the outside world, such as opposing evil societies that live in the Underdark.

This protection isn't necessary, as few would willingly provoke the wrath of a city full of mind flayers. It's almost impossible to even approach an elder brain, as their powers allow them to perform incredible feats that will stop even those that are usually immune to psionics, such as constructs or undead. It still represents a grave threat to most adventuring parties, thanks to its range of powerful enchantment spells and psionic attacks, but it isn't quite the epic level threat that it once was.

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That's the moment when they prepare to paint over the serial numbers and replace the goblins with kobolds. They were intended to be little more than red goblins with a more lizard-like design, which meant nothing in terms of their stats, as most low-level groups of adventurers would still annihilate a horde of kobolds in battle.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Role-playing Games Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for gamemasters and players of tabletop, paper-and-pencil role-playing games. It only takes a minute to sign up.

Assuming you are level 20, and have access to any magic item, how high can you get AC permanently or for a set duration? Extra clarification: Time and magic items are limited to practical use. Think of it as a game plan for a campaign with a very generous DM.

I think most characters with the choice would choose the Staff of Power. The Defender is not in effect during any round you do not attack, including a surprise round or a round in which you Disengage or Dodge, and going max AC leaves no bonus for the attack roll.

Under unusual circumstances, it is possible to get an AC of 49

Because this doesn't rely on crazy stats, it can be achieved at a fairly low level. We have a choice between a Heavy and a Medium Armor build. Using the Medium Armor build obviates the need for Heavy Armor Proficiency which would require a feat or 1st level in Fighter or Paladin. I have assumed that ability scores max out at 20 unless a class feature says otherwise. If abilities go above 20, where do they stop?

I have chosen to disregard two possible ways in which characters can get ability scores over In either case, we no longer need Barbarian 20 for CON Highest the-stars-aligned AC becomes I think this violates the spirit of the question however.

highest ac 5e monster

This is treated separately in calculations. These spells should stack. From Ethan's suggestion: the Magic Initiate Feat could supply the Shield Spell once per day and avoid having to use a scroll in combat. The effects of different spells add together while the durations of those spells overlap. Instead, the most potent effect—such as the highest bonus—from those castings applies while their durations overlap.

Basic Rules p. If the Barbarian multi-classes, subtract 1 from his Constitution bonus; we'll assume a manual of Bodily Health 22 Con. He could take 1 level in Wizard and cast the Shield spell. Is there a hard cap on ability scores, once the magical manuals that allow a PC to raise an ability score above 20 are made available to player characters? DMG p. With the conditions you've set, you can have infinite AC. Just buy an infinite number of Manuals of Quickness of Actionand your AC will be limited only by the time it takes to use them.

Note: without replacing the Wizard and Fighter levels if you want the same build as highest combat-ready AC you will only have a d6 Defensive Flourish and miss out on Multiattack Defense resulting in an Expected -3 AC -4 max.

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I assumed a maximum of 20 for each ability score because the number of magic items and other rewards is already very restrictive. This clause from the question prompted this:. Collecting a bunch of Very Rare magical books on top of the items already needed is impractical as is waiting for them to refresh their magic. If you want to include them, you will have to change the entire build to account for Unarmored Defense, Bladesong, and the Dual Wielder feat.While messing around with monster creation, I started comparing 5e Monster Manual creatures with the 5e guidelines for creating monsters DMG page Boar, 11 HP.

Goblin, 7 HP. Skeleton, 13 HP. Wolf, 11 HP. That weird dip at CR 18 is because the demilich is the only CR 18 monster. And in fact, there are so few data points above level 10 that any analysis above level 10 should be taken with a grain of salt. Even ignoring the demilich and the dearth of high level data, you can see that the Monster Manual Hit Points skew way low. Examine the following chart:. Many of these bars are broken because there are CRs at which there are no monsters which meet these qualifications.

At high levels, it is plausible that high-immunity monsters may have lower hit points, though we really need more data points to be sure. However, the overall trend lines are clear: none of these groups of monsters has anything like the hit point totals recommended in the DMG — even the no-defense brutes. Could Armor Class solve our Hit Point problems?

As you can see, below level 11, there is no significant difference in HP between those monsters with high and low HP. Above level 11, things are swingy as usual because of fewer data points, but there is no obvious through line that suggests that there is any relationship between AC and HP. Hit points and AC do not seem to be correlated in any meaningful way. The process is: figure out the average damage for the first 3 rounds of combat.

Assume that all monster attack hits and all hero saving throws fail. All area attacks hit two people, and all ongoing effects like being swallowed last for one turn. Effects like Charge or Pounce happen once.Jump to: navigationsearch.

Gargantuan fiend neutral evil Adamantine Obliterator 29 40 ft. Gargantuan construct neutral Adult Prismatic Dragon 29 40 ft. Colossal dragon neutral Aegis 29 50 ft. Large construct neutral Ak'Vanezh the Devourer 30 0 ft. Gargantuan aberration chaotic evil Allip Amalgam 5e Class 25 ft. Small construct unaligned Amphicoelias 30 15 ft. Gargantuan beast unaligned Anaxim 26 40 ft. Medium construct lawful neutral Ancient Blue Inferno Dragon 37 70ft.

Gargantuan dragon lawful good Ancient Prismatic Dragon 36 50 ft.

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Titanic dragon neutral Angron 29 40 ft. Huge fiend chaotic evil Armored Knight Ramaha 50 60 ft.

highest ac 5e monster

Large fiend lawful evil Atropal 30 10 ft. Medium fiend chaotic evil Bag of Wizards 5e Equipment — 30 ft.

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Gargantuan dragon Unaligned Blue Inferno Dragon 30 60 ft. Medium humanoid neutral evil Calamity Ganon 35 80 ft. Gargantuan fiend chaotic evil Carnifex 30 50 ft. Gargantuan beast Neutral Good Cloud of Darkness 30 30 ft. Gargantuan aberration chaotic evil Datara, Initial Form 40 60 ft. Titanic Celestial lawful evil Datara, Second Form 45 ft. Gargantuan undead chaotic evil Demizen Vampire Lord 30 50 ft. Large undead lawful evil Dialga 30 60 ft. Gargantuan celestial lawful good Fulgrim 29 40 ft.

Gargantuan fiend chaotic evil Gehenna 30 ft, fly ft hoverclimb 60 ft, swim 60 ft Medium aberration neutral evil Godly Construct of the Astral Plains 30 40 ft. Gargantuan construct lawful neutral Golden Lynel of Hyrule 28 70 ft. Large giant chaotic evil Great Wyrm Black Dragon 32 40 ft.

Gargantuan dragon chaotic evil Great Wyrm Blue Dragon 33 40 ft. Titanic dragon lawful evil Great Wyrm Green Dragon 33 40 ft. Gargantuan dragon lawful evil Great Wyrm Mithral Dragon 50 80 ft. Titanic dragon lawful good Great Wyrm Prismatic Dragon 41 60 ft. Titanic dragon neutral Great Wyrm Red Dragon 39 40 ft. Colossal dragon chaotic evil Great Wyrm White Dragon 32 40 ft.

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Gargantuan dragon chaotic evil Gyarados 28 0 ft. Medium humanoid chaotic evil Illithasque 30 40 ft. Gargantuan aberration lawful evil Illithid 5e Class 30 ft. Titanic monstrosity chaotic evil Jurresh'Keel the Fallen 30 50 ft. Large fiend lawful evil Kecleon 25 ft. Gargantuan beast lawful neutral Kurama 30 90 ft.In BG1 the highest AC ones would only show up after you've gotten more powerful HoweverI would choose as racial enemy a monster with damage resistance, such as skeleton warriors!

In BG2 dragons have the highest AC's. Yep, gets only one! In BG1 Spiders or ettercaps, are a solid choice for favored enemy. Spiders were always a popular choice for favored enemies in the first game, with Dragons or Demons being popular in the second. Spiders get an armor bonus vs. I would say demons or undead in BG2. There's only six or seven dragons in total for the whole BG saga.

Doesn't seem worth it. I see mention of Drizzt, which made me think that Drizzt isn't a monster, but you are if you kill him.

Therefore the monster with the lowest AC in the game would be me with Games Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition. Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear. Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition. Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition.

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Trying to decide on which hated enemy my ranger will choose. I'm thinking I'll just pick the monster with the highest AC or one of the highest. I couldn't find a list anywhere. Which monsters have the top 5 highest AC? How about BG2? I'm planning to take this guy through both games, so I may yet pick dragons or something. Which monsters have the top 5 highest AC in BG2?

highest ac 5e monster

Bonus question: Does a ranger only ever get 1 hated enemy?Basically, I'm trying to find out what would be the highest AC you would expect any player to get if they just where not going to outright break their character, so nothing build dependent and core rules. Since I was trying to not think too hard about it, since thinking too hard would then end in min-maxing.

I'm also trying not to include any "special occasion" ac items as well.

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What I'm getting is about 46 AC if you just some guy in heavy armor. Now I know AC becomes worthless after a while due to save or die, touch attack spells, or spells and abilities that just don't even care about armor, but a character could get this around level if we went by just wealth. Granted, you don't really have a good weapon, but you would be a great wall. So this is probably min-maxing still.

Even so, this would be something you would expect somebody to do. As a player, when I pulled off a high AC character, the DM would always then start throwing more a more contrive monsters that could hit through my armor.

Astral Dreadnought: Biggest Monster in 5e Dungeons & Dragons - Web DM

I had one story where one player character had been attacked 20 times by range attacks. The player, despite taking the brunt of the punish of the entire room by himself swore that I made his character worthless because I was just going to hit him anyway So AC, how high can someone get it without cheesing?

How high should you except players to get it as a DM. How high should you get it as a player? AC never becomes worthless. There are just as many save-or-lose effects and touch spells available at low levels as there are at high levels. Hmm, well since this is a broad term that changes from people to people, I might have some trouble myself. Assuming that everyone is in a reasonable level of understanding how the game works. For example, having a character who has 4 18s on dex, int, wisdom and charisma, and then become a ex-monk battle dancer duelist.

Having a chain of feats from 5 different books that may never have even considered the other books even existing. Assuming a mage character does not walk around pre-buffed from head to toe all day simply by virtue of duration, "I've heard the spell permanency being used outside the intended spells somehow